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My Surprise Toronto Date Night!

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Date night in Toronto


Hey Guys!

I had a wonderful experience last night that i’m excited to share with you all!

Don’t worry, it’s not anything like That ;P

Yesterday while at work, My Hubby got a call from one of his friends, Ron, who was absolutely freaking out!
He had just won 2 Free tickets to the Korn concert that night in Toronto!

Korn just so happens to be his favourite band, and he was so excited he could barely get the words out to invite my Husband along with him!


Tommy called me while on break from work to let me know about his phone call with Ron.

I thought it sounded like a fun, impromptu guys-night-out, and offered to drive the pair of them down so they could have a few drinks as well.

To my surprise, the Hubby turned down both Mine and Ron’s offers.

He isn’t too fond of that type of music, and suggested to Ron that he go with one of their other friends who is almost as big a Korn fan as himself.

I instantly started to try and scan my mind for Free Things We Could Do that night instead,
when he interrupted me.

“I’ve got it covered. Just get Dolled up, I want to show my Wife off ;)”

Although he turned down the concert, he still chose to capitalize on the opportunity in-front of him, and turn it into a way to take me on a Spontaneous Toronto Date!

Could he be more amazing?





**Complementary Selfies from the Night**







This is also the man who wouldn’t let a little thing like a FLOOD Stop him from taking me
on a romantic date! lol
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  As soon he was done work, we grabbed his friends and were off to Toronto!

Traffic in Toronto

My hometown is only 20 minutes from Toronto, but can you believe that I have only ever been a handful of times?

My Husband was born and raised there and is Proud Torontonian through and through!

So it always gives him a special pleasure to show me around his old stomping grounds 🙂


If it’s possible, Pick a day and have your Husband show you around his Hometown, or an area he is more familiar with than you are. Let him be your own personal tour guide! It places him 100% in the spotlight (realistically, when was the last time that happened?) Let him feel special, and you can take the opportunity to smile and stare at your beautiful man!



Once we dropped his friends off at the Korn concert, My hubby took me down for a romantic stroll on the boardwalk *insert heart eyes emoji* lol

Toronto Sunset

Toronto Sunset 2








Our stroll perfectly synced up with the Sunset. I wish my phone camera could have done it justice!



Toronto Boardwalk

Selfie 3











I cannot explain how grateful I am for my Husbands natural ingenuity!

Marriage is about making the best of any situation, and he helps me to see that every day.

The perfect date night does not need to involve buying a new outfit, going out to the latest restaurant etc.
Just you, the person you love, and a sunset never hurts ;P


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Have you been on an Impromptu Romantic Date lately?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!




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