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The Power of Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

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The power of Fate: Being in the Right Place at the Right Time


Hey Guys!

I’m super excited to tell you about my weekend!
$10 Says you can’t guess what happened! 😛


On Saturday, My Husband and I went to visit family in the next City over. The weather could not have been more beautiful, so we were planning on enjoying a nice BBQ in the backyard.

‘We’ being, my husband and myself, his father and his girlfriend, as well as the girlfriend’s daughter, husband, adorable 7 month old boy, and their big ol’ King Shepard, suitably named Tank!

I was on cloud nine playing with the Baby (even when he threw up on me lol), and it definitely got the Hubby and I talking about starting to try for one of our own!!

Every half hour or so, Tank would bark to alert everyone to someone walking by the backyard. It was normally just someone walking their dog, but neither of my dogs bark unless there is something wrong, so I would naturally glance up at every bark.

As I was sitting with the cutest baby on my lap (can you tell I’m in full-on Baby Fever Mode? haha), Tank let out his 6th or 7th bark of the day. I glanced up and through the fence could make out two dogs jogging down the path, but no owner in sight.

I instantly felt in my gut that something was not right, and handed the baby off to my Husband so I could go up to the fence for a better look. By the time I made it, I was only able to catch a brief glimpse of their tail ends as they were rounding the corner of a building.

I kept watch for another minute, but with no sign of the two potentially lost pups, I went and returned to my husband. I began to tell him about my theory when he was called away to help his Father with something.

As I glanced back towards the fence, There they Were!

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes!

The Two Poodles were trotting down the path back in the direction they originally came from!

I knew I had to act fast and quickly slipped through the gate, catching up with the pups at the next house over.

Rescued Poodles

The Brown and White Poodle was clearly still a puppy, and was more than excited to come right up to me for some scratches & love.

Unfortunately, the Brown and White Puppy was not wearing a collar, but I could spot one on the Blonde poodle who was lingering 5ft away, weary to come any closer.

I sat with the Brown and White pup for a minute in the grass of the neighbours front lawn, before the Blonde dog came and Plopped down as well.

There was clearly a bond between them, and they were so lovable, I was eager to return them to their Family! By the amount of burs, leaves and dirt in their fur, it appeared they had been outdoors for quite awhile.

With the Blonde pup calming down, I was finally able to make out the writing on her collar.

It stated her name was ‘Gladdie’, along with an address and phone number.

  Side Note: This is why it is SO important to not only include a tag on your dogs collar, but also make sure the information is always up to date!


Rescued Poodles2

I quickly dialed up the phone number, but there was no answer. The voicemail made it clear it was a Family Home, and only made me more eager to get the pups back to their family!

I left a message notifying them of the situation and where we were located.
Not so easy when you’re in an unfamiliar city 😛

As I was waiting for a call back, I googled the address on the collar, hoping it might be for an address nearby.


My jaw hit the grass as the address popped up to be in a city more than 40 km away!

I figured the smartest thing to do would be to call the local Humane society to temporarily house them until their Family received my message and could come pick them up.

As I was finishing up on the phone with the Humane society, my Hubby came over to see what was keeping me.

After I explained the situation to him, he went to grab a big bowl of Cold water for the two amazingly well behaved dogs, and sat with us all as we waited for the humane society to show up.

Two Poodles 3

It didn’t take long before the two poodles were securely in the back of the Humane Society’s van, and hopefully off to a speedy reunion with their family!

I called the family’s phone number and left another message letting them know where they could grab their fur babies in the morning.


Our night resumed on it’s normal path, and we eventually returned home, but I definitely couldn’t get the thought of the two pups out of my head.

I went to bed praying that they would be reunited with their Family.


The next day we had to return to Guelph so my Husband could lend his Father a tool he needed to build a shed.

We needed to make a pit-stop for gas once getting into the city.

As we were pulling into a random gas station, My Husband piped up:

“Aren’t those the Two dogs from Yesterday??”

My head shot up so fast I damn near got whiplash!

Low and Behold, There they Were!
The very same dogs I spent over an hour with the day before!

A woman was walking with a child in a stroller, and another walking along side with her, with the two pups on leashes.


I jumped out of the car and stopped the woman as she and her broad were approaching my direction.

I’m sure I looked like a crazy woman, but had to ask:

“Were those two dogs rescued yesterday??”

She was hesitant and confused, but answered yes

I quickly explained that I was the woman who found them, and her demeanour did a quick 180!

She was beyond grateful and explained that she is actually only the owner of the Brown and White puppy, and has been doggy-sitting blonde Gladdie while her family was on Vacation!

She also explained that the pups broke out of the gate in her backyard days ago, and they have been frantically searching for them ever since!

I said I was just grateful I was able to help, and felt beyond blessed that I was actually able to see that they had been reunited.

Once we parted ways, I was unable to keep the smile off my face.

I can’t explain the feeling, but I was absolutely bursting with it!


Two days later I received a call from Gladdie’s Family.

They explained that they had just returned from their vacation the night before, and nearly had a heart attack because they heard my messages before picking up their dog!

We had a lovely little chat where I was thanked countless more times.

Being the owner of Two dogs myself, I can only imagine the fear of losing them, and can definitely understand the feeling of gratitude to the person who returns them.

All-in-All I could myself beyond blessed this week.

Even though visiting my Father-in-law left me with a brutal flu I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

It is truly an instance where I believe Fate intervened. I was meant to be in the right place, at the right time, and I count myself more than lucky to have been able to reunite two dogs with their Families.

Fate is a very powerful thing.


Until Next Time,




The power of Fate

The power of Fate: Being in the Right Place at the Right Time














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