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The Crazy Simple Trick to Removing Candle Wax from Furniture!

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Hi Guys!

As you may or may not know, I am blessed to be married to a wonderful man who would move the world just to make me happy 🙂
It is extremely important to me to show him every single day just how much I love and appreciate him, whether it be a tiny gesture or a Big romantic surprise!

At the heart of almost any Romantic Surprise is.. Candles of course!

Nothing sets the mood quite like the warm, sensual glow from a candle..

..And nothing ruins the mood more than a glancing over (Mid-make-out sesh mind you!!) and seeing a huge glob of hardening wax pouring out of your delicious Vanilla candle onto your lovely antique wood coffee table! (*Insert Groan*)

Hole in candle

Hole in candle


(There was A LOT more wax than what is pictured. I Panicked as soon as I saw the wax on the table and tried to remove it right away- to no avail -.-)

If you have ever fallen victim to the ‘Candle Hole’ well No Fear!

There’s a Ridiculously simple Trick to remove melted Candle Wax from your Wood Furniture


(Wait.. Did she just say a Deck of Cards??)

Why Yes! A simple deck of Cards!
Or a single card to be exact!

All you have to do to save your priceless wood furniture is..

Wait for the wax to fully harden (It makes it easier, Trust me)

Using a single card from the deck, scrape around the edges of the wax, until all wax is separated from surface.

Once all the wax is removed, there will be a thing layer of waxy film.

Simply wipe surface down with a cloth and some soap and water to remove.


*Finish with a polishing spray if you so choose.

And thats it!

Can you believe it’s that simple to remove melted wax from wood furniture? I love it!

Now armed with this insanely helpful tip, Fearlessly go forth and set the mood with a few (dozen) candles!
Because.. what’s the harm, right 😉

Until next Time



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