Second Month Blog Income Report- June 2017

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June 2017 Blog Income Report

Hey Guys!

You cannot believe how Thrilled I am to be sharing my second blog report with you all!

The Unwalked Path is Officially 2 Months Old! (yay!)


Almost a year ago, I stumbled across a Blog income report while scrolling through Pinterest for extra ways to make money. Never before had the thought of blogging ever popped into my head, but as I read about how people are able to make a full-time income from blogging, my jaw dropped!
I quickly became obsessed with the legitimate possibility of earning a decent income, without sacrificing 40 hours a week to a job I despised, and zapped all the energy I would have much rather dedicated to my family.
From that point on, every spare moment I had was spent researching the amazing and complex world of Blogging.

Even before I ever published my first post, I knew that I would be posting my blog income reports from month 1, regardless of whether they were good or bad.
Pinterest is filled with income reports boosting $2,000+/month or 20,000 page views, but I was only able to find One 1st month report, and even this was from someone with prior blogging experience.
My goal is to show you that it is possible to become successful without years of experience, or thousands of dollars invested. It just takes hard work and dedication.

First Month Blog Income Report

So without further ado,

Check out my Second Blog Income Report! ↓

** Unfortunately I cannot post data from my Google Analytics account.
While restructuring my blog, I accidentally broke the HTML code
so it was not connected to my blog for a week and messed up all the stats for the first week of June.
I will use analytics for the next post, Promise! 🙂
(All site Stats are from WordPress Analytics)

From First Blog Income Report: 
Since my “First” month and June overlap quite a bit, June’s goals will be smaller than usual.My Husband and I are also planning a move within the next month, and between property viewings, packing and cleaning, I will be limited on blogging time.
  • Twitter: 178 → 190 √ CHECK 198 Followers
    Follow Twitter Account!
  • Facebook: 54 → 60 √ CHECK 66 Followers
    Follow Facebook Page!
  •  Pinterest: 94 → 100 √ CHECK 108 Followers
        Follow Pinterest Account!
  • Posts:  Publish 8 Posts √ CHECK 11 Posts Published in June
  • Subscribers: 6 → 6+ √ CHECK 9 Subscribers!
    I have not had much time to invest in my subscriber list or opt-ins yet. This will be a goal for July 🙂
  • Apply to at least 5 Pinterest Group Boards √ CHECK 5/5
  • Make multiple Pinnable Images for each post √ CHECK 
  • Start an outline for a Free E-Book √ CHECK  Not only Started & Completed the Outline, but I have already started writing it up! It’s coming together amazingly and has TONS of great stuff for bloggers!

June was a CRAZY busy month for me!
On top of all-things moving related, it was also my little guy’s 8th birthday!!

Although I still managed to complete all my goals for the month, My time spent on networking and promotion completely went out the window with my little guy here. We unexpectedly got him for 2 weeks and I had no time to plan ahead for the blog. That, coupled with my Tailwind free trial expiring really took a hit on my page views for the month.

Once I finish my Ebook and post it up for sale, my next area of focus is going to be building my subscription list & following.

The main thing I need to keep reminding myself, (and i’m sure most of you do to) is that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Creating a successful blog takes time, and most importantly patience.

Anyone have any I can borrow? lol

Traffic Report
  • Views:  2012
  • Visitors: 1266
  • Subscribers: 9


  1. Pinterest
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Search Engines (Totally Thrilled about this!)
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter

Unfortunately all of the other Traffic Data on Analytics is inaccurate because of my little HTML blunder, I Promise this section will be far more in depth on the next report!

Pinterest has been an amazing source of traffic for my blog.
I have done so much research on the perfect Pinterest strategy, I may write up a post about it, or possibly offer it as a free course.
I haven’t decided yet, but stay tuned! 🙂

Twitter has not been providing the source of traffic that I was expecting, So I re-vamped my Twitter strategy, and am already seeing much better results!
Struggling with your Twitter Game? Check out This Post!

My Tailwind subscription expired near the beginning of June and I could Definitely see a difference in the traffic my site was bringing in!

             Click Here to get your FIRST month of Tailwind for FREE!

I absolutely loved my experience with Tailwind, but didn’t want to lock in to a subscription without first trying Boardbooster too! Stay tuned for my review!

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Blog Expenses
  • Bluehost : $0.00  (Paid last month: 100.28 for 12 months)
    • Bluehost is absolutely amazing and I would definitely recommend them over any other platform
    • Click Here to get your first month of WordPress for FREE!
  • Tailwind : $0

Total: $0.00

Blog Income



  • Google Adsense: $3.02
  • Amazon Affiliate: $0.00 This is something I definitely want to work on!


  • Total: $3.02

I know $3.02 doesn’t sound like much but I am THRILLED to have ANY income my second month!
We all have to start somewhere! 🙂

Once I finish my Ultimate New Bloggers Guide to Social Media, I am turning my focus towards affiliate income!

July Goals

Twitter: 198 → 220

Facebook: 66 → 75

Pinterest: 108 → 120

Posts:  Publish 4 Posts

Subscribers: 9 → 9+
I have not had much time to invest in my subscriber list or opt-ins yet. This will be a goal for July 🙂

Apply to at least 5 Pinterest Group Boards

Start Free Month of Boardbooster

Finish my Ultimate New Bloggers Guide to Social Media EBook! 🙂

Create Facebook Group Community for New Bloggers

Work on Subscriber list + Freebies


I have been so non-stop busy I can’t believe the month is almost half over!
I’m keeping my goals relatively low again because I know I won’t have nearly as much time to invest into T.U.P this month (
Ill just have to make every second count!)

I know if I set my goals too high, I will stress over them until I reach them. For now, I am comfortable setting attainable goals, but still strive to surpass them 🙂


I will be Publishing a set of resources for the “Newbie” Blogger this month as well!
Despite doing Literally countless hours researching all
the possible information available about starting a blog from scratch,
about only 5% of it was actually covered.

So if you’re sitting there, reading this, thinking of starting your own blog-
No Fear! I want to help each and every one of you
along your path as well!
Stay posted for upcoming posts, or Subscribe to make sure
you don’t miss a thing!

Until Next Time,
The Unwalked Path


*Post contains affiliate Links


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