July 2017 Blog Update and Income Report

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July 2017 Blog Income Report

Hey There!

July marked ‘Month 3’ for The Unwalked Path, and I’m still in shock at how quickly 3 months have Flown by!

Each month has been filled with constant learning and small successes along the way.
And a whole lotta Happiness in between! 🙂

In July I took a small step back from the Blog to set up my Facebook Bloggers Community
A Bloggers Life! I have joined many Facebook Blogging groups in the last 3 months, but none fully met my expectations, So I created my Own!

In two weeks it already has 20 Amazing members! If you are interested in Joining a Facebook Bloggers Community that focuses on Blogger Support AND Blog Promotion, I would Love to have you!
Join now!

I also created 3 Pinterest Group Boards, as well as one Specifically for A Bloggers Life Group members. If you are interested in joining any of these, all the information is available on my Pinterest Group Boards Page.

July was definitely a Crazy Busy month, and unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to finish my Ultimate Bloggers Guide to Social Media EBook, so thats on the top of my to-do list for August!

Anyways, enough jibber-jabber, Check out my July Blog Report ↓

First Month Blog Income Report- May 2017

Second Month Blog Income Report- June 2017


Blog Stats

July Blog Stats

July Blog Stats


The first half of July I spent away from my laptop, and out having adventures with my 8 year old Step-son. It was his birthday, and a lot of time went into party planning and celebrations!

I don’t regret the time spent with Family over the blog (as that is the whole purpose of having the blog in the first place), but that, coupled with no longer using Tailwind to auto Pin for me while i’m away, definitely took it’s toll on my blog views for the month.

The second half of July, I spent creating my Facebook Community and Pinterest Group Boards. Truthfully, I didn’t balance my time well, and spent zero time promoting the Blog.

Even though my page views for the month are low, I definitely do not count July as a failure, or something to feel bad about. I spent my time still investing in the blog, just on another platform. Creating a community took away from my page views, but will give back to the blog tenfold!

My stats are lower than I would like them to be, But I have just created a Blogging & Life schedule that should get me back on track and keep me organized!

I have been talking to a lot of bloggers who are also struggling to manage their time while balancing their Blog and home life responsibilities.
I will be creating a post about this in the next week or so, stay tuned!

Update: From August 2017 onwards, I will be posting on Wednesdays and Fridays



Social Stats

July Blog Stats

July Blog Stats

My social media accounts are by far the biggest source of traffic for the Blog, and I am continuing to Perfect my Social Media Strategy to hopefully bring in even more traffic in the future!

My Organic Searches are continuing to increase which I am THRILLED about!
Clearly all the work I have been putting into SEO is starting to pay off! 🙂


July Blog Stats

Pinterest is still my #1 source of Traffic, despite putting limited effort into it this month.
Without Tailwind, manually pinning is a total pain in the butt!
Do yourself a favour and grab your First month Free

My Tailwind subscription expired near the beginning of June and the change in my traffic is clear as day. I wanted to wait to lock into a subscription so that I could try out my Free month of Boardbooster, and am definitely regretting that decision.

I know a ton of bloggers love Boardbooster, but in my opinion, it does not hold a light toTailwind. I will be doing a full post about this later in the month, but in the meantime,

             Click Here to get your FIRST month of Tailwind for FREE!


I have been less than impressed with the Traffic Stumble Upon has been bringing in.
Although it is bringing in traffic, it is from people who are not interested in what I have to offer, and it puts my Bounce Rate through the roof!
I have not actively used Stumble Upon for about a month now, and it is still bringing in residual traffic.


Twitter was not providing the amount of traffic that I was expecting, but I could see its untapped potential and wasn’t willing to give up on the Platform. So I re-vamped my Twitter strategy, and am already seeing much better results!
Struggling with your Twitter Game? Check out This Post!


Did I Reach my July Goals?

From June Blog Report:

  • Twitter: 198 → 220 Followers Success! 238/220
  • Facebook Page: 66 → 75 Likes MAJOR Success! 123/75!
  • Pinterest: 108 → 120 Followers Success! 140/120
  • Posts:  Publish 4 Posts Success 4/4
  • Subscribers: 9 → 9+ Success! 20 Subscribers!
  • Apply to at least 5 Pinterest Group Boards Success! 5/5
    Bonus success, Creating 4 Group Boards!
  • Start Free Month of Boardbooster Technically a Success, but I was so unimpressed Idid not complete the full month
  • Finish my Ultimate New Bloggers Guide to Social Media EBook  FAIL!
    Super disappointed about not getting this completed. It is at the top of my August to-do list
  • Create Facebook Group Community for New Bloggers Success!
    It already has 20 Amazing members!
    Don’t forget to swing by and Join after your done reading this post!


Overall July was a definite success.
It’s definitely nagging at me that I haven’t completed my Ebook yet. I have all the written content done, but still need to put it all together in a Pretty Package. It will definitely be available for purchase by the end of August!


Most Popular July Posts


  1. 40+ Ways to be an Amazing Wife
  2. 35 Date Night Conversation Topics
  3. 20 Sweet & Saucy Text Messages to send your Husband
  4. DIY Bird Feeder Craft for Kids
  5. 30 Day Water Challenge (with free printable)

Blog Expenses


  • Bluehost : $0.00  (Paid last month: 100.28 for 12 months)
    • Bluehost is absolutely amazing and I would definitely recommend them over any other platform
    • Click Here to get your first month of WordPress for FREE!

Total: $0.00

Blog Income


  • Google Adsense: $1.31
    I have been Tinkering around with this and MADE $.50 in the last 2 days alone


  • Total: $1.31


I have dubbed August, Affiliate August. Can you guess what my Game-Plan for the month is? ;P
After spending the last 3 months setting up the foundation to my blog, I am going to start looking into Affiliate marketing as a means of income.

Also, by the end of the month my Ebook will be available for purchase!
I’m so so so excited about this and will include the sales from that on Next months update Report

Goals for August

I’ve set up a Blogging schedule to stay better organize from here on out, which includes posting every Wednesday and Friday !

  • Finish EBook
  • Publish 8 Posts
  • Make at least $1 from Affiliate Marketing
  • Get 2,000 Monthly Page views
  • Send out 2 Subscriber e-mails
  • Gain 10 Subscribers
  • Increase Social Media Following
    • Twitter: 238 → 300
    • Pinterest: 140 → 170
    • Facebook Page: 123 → 170
    • Facebook Group: 20 → 30+

I’ve set my social media following goals much higher than I have in the past, as well as doubled my monthly blog posts AND need to finish a book on top of it all!

Theres no doubt August is going to be a verrrrrry busy month, but I need to make up for slacking off in July!

Until Next Time,
The Unwalked Path

First Month Blog Income Report- May 2017

Second Month Blog Income Report- June 2017


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