The Step by Step Guide to Joining Pinterest Group Boards

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The step by step guide to Joining Pinterest Group Boards


The Step-By-Step Guide to Joining Pinterest Group Boards


A few days ago I received an e-mail from one of my subscribers explaining that they were new to blogging, and were looking for information on Pinterest Group Boards.

I replied with all the ways that Joining Pinterest Group Boards would enhance the traffic to her blog, along with a very detailed outline for joining them.

Pinterest is the #1 source of traffic for my Blog and I whole heartedly attribute that to the power of Group Boards!

Her e-mail made me realize that many others are not properly utilizing Pinterest, and spurred me into creating this post.

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So What are Pinterest Group Boards?

Group boards are not as complicated as many people believe. They are simply normal Pinterest boards that the creator has opened up to others to Collaborate with.

Pinterest Board
Normal Pinterest Board
Pinterest Group Board
Pinterest Group Board








You can identify a Group Board by the Circular icon in the bottom left of the board.

When you pin to normal/personal Pinterest boards, your content can only be seen by those who are following that board.

For new bloggers with a limited following, even if you post 100 times a day, it is nearly impossible to see substantial traffic to your blog this way.
It is normally at this point that many bloggers make the fatal flaw of abandoning Pinterest!

When you Pin to a Group Board, your pin is not only being seen by your followers, and the followers of the group board itself, but also the all the followers of every single contributor to the board.

The more contributors a board has, the more opportunities for your pin to be seen & Drive viewers to your blog!

You see why Group Boards are so amazing?


So How do you Find Group Boards to Join?

There are a few different ways you can find Group Boards to join!

  1. Pingroupie
    PingroupiePingroupie is a website that ‘Crawls’ Pinterest for Group Boards! Pretty amazing right?
    You are able to look up specific boards in the Description box to fit your Niche. The site also provides valuable information like Pins and Contributors per board. 
  2.  Facebook Groups for Pinterest Group Boards

There are exclusive groups on Facebook that promote Pinterest Group Boards that are currently seeking contributors.
Simply type “Pinterest Group Boards” in the Facebook Search bar and you will be greeted with countless opportunities to grow your Pinterest Presence!

**This is my favourite FB Group for Pinterest Group Board

3.  Stalk Other Bloggers

Take a scroll through the profiles of other Bloggers in your Niche, and see what Group Boards they are apart of.
Most bloggers will also include information about their Pinterest Group Boards on their blogs- Like my Pinterest Group Boards Page



How to Join

Now that you’ve found Group Boards that are accepting Contributors, It is time to start sending out Requests to join!

Every person sets their own rules for joining their Group Boards.
It is very important to follow the rules set by the creator, so pay close attention to this section!

This information can be found in the Description section on the Board page.

Pinterest Group Board

The creator of the Group Board is Always the first circular icon on the left.
Clicking the icon will send you to their personal profile.

In most cases, The creator will request that you follow the group board, as well as their personal account, and then send them an e-mail with your request.

Now don’t just rush off and send them a  “Hey can I join your Group Board?” message.

Make sure you include all pertinent information to make it easier on the creator to add you to the board.

Use my Template to make the process as easy as possible!


Hi [first name]!

I’ve just come across your group board called [insert group board name here] and I would Love to join! I’ve already followed the group board and your profile.

My Pinterest URL: [insert your Pinterest URL here]

The E-Mail linked to my Pinterest acct: [insert your e-mail here]

Let me know if you need any additional info from me.

Thank you so much!

[Sign your name here]



And thats It!

Just sit back and wait to be accepted!

Don’t fret if you aren’t accepted right away. Some Creators take Months to respond to requests.
Take that time to apply to even more!

****Hey Bloggers*****
I have 4 Group Boards that are currently accepting contributors!
Check out the Pinterest Group Boards page for more information!


My Facebook Community for Bloggers would also love to have you!
The group is focused on Supporting bloggers throughout the crazy rollercoaster ride we are all on together, while promoting blog content and networking!

Read more about it Here
Click HERE to join Now! 


Does your Twitter Game need work too?
Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Check out my Simple Trick to using Twitter to Boost your Blog Traffic!


Later this month I will be Publishing my Ultimate Bloggers Guide to Social Media!

Stay tuned for that!


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