How to Use Twitter to Explode your Blog Traffic

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The Simple way to Use Twitter to
Explode your Blog Traffic

The Simple. No-Effort Guide to using Twitter to Explode your Blog Traffic!


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Twitter is one of the most common social networking platforms today.

With over 317 million Active users Every month sending out more than 500 million tweets Every. Single. Day. it proves it’s own popularity.

When you hear Twitter the first thought pops into your head might be a teenager with their face stuck in their cellphone, but I promise you that it is a lot more than just what your favourite celebrity had for breakfast!

So Why aren’t you using it yet?

Maybe you’re intimidated by such high numbers, feeling that your little tweet will easily get drowned out by the 500 million others? Or you simply don’t feel you have the extra time to invest in another social media platform?

I was in the exact same boat as you.

I had created and designed a beautiful Twitter account for my Blog, but just starting out from scratch, I had very limited followers, and it did not seem worth the hassle to spend hours promoting my blog content on it.

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I undoubtedly receive more traffic via Pinterest and Facebook than Twitter, but completely deleting my Twitter account felt too much like giving up to me.
And if you know me, you know that just doesn’t happen ;P

So, I decided to modify my strategy instead!


If you’re a Newbie Blogger just starting out, you’re starting at 0 followers
This can be a terrifying place to be in, especially when you’re looking at other accounts with 10k+ followers!

Even with the best strategies in place, it still takes time to build a strong, active following on your social media accounts.

T.U.P TIP: Make sure to have “follow” buttons for all your social media on every blog post,                                  newsletter etc. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to follow you!

So How can you use 140 characters to boost your blog traffic (with limited followers)?

Twitter ReTweet Accounts!


What are Twitter ReTweet Accounts you ask?

Well, I’m glad you did!
Because they are Definitely the secret to Twitter success!

ReTweet accounts” are specific accounts that support all bloggers, or a particular niche by retweeting your content to their THOUSANDS of followers!

Sounds pretty awesome right?

When I first found this, it almost seemed too good to be true!

By Simply tagging the account in a hashtag or mentioning them with an @ in your tweet, your audience EXPLODES!

T.U.P TIP: Never just post the link to your blog post. This provides no incentive to click and                                     comes off looking spammy. Always include a call-to-action to get them to click, as                                  well as an eye catching photo to go with it!

This is the most simple way to not only expose your content to thousands of eyes more than your own follower count would allow, but also provides exposure to boost your following!


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I have spent Hours researching and found the best
30 Twitter ReTweet Accounts to share with you all!

These are the accounts that I personally use that have boosted my
twitter traffic like crazy!

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You’ll find my Twitter Account on the list as well!

I am always more than happy to help out fellow Newbie bloggers with a RT!
(Tag me with an # or @ for a RT)

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Grab your Free Twitter RT Track List and fill in all the details for each account

This list keeps all your important info on one cute page, making it super easy to crush your Twitter Game!

Every time you create a post, make sure you also create a specific picture to go with it.
Create an enticing tweet, Include a Hashtag and your twitter photo for the blog post. Remember to  Mention at least 1 RT Account and hit Publish!

See? Could it be more simple to boost your Twitter game?

Remember to also schedule the tweet in an auto-schedule program like Buffer or Hootsuite to minimize post promotion time later on!

I’m not giving away too much Twitter info in this post because I am currently working on an
Ultimate Bloggers Guide to Social Media EBook,
that is literally jam packed with the latest tips and tricks to boost your social media following!

Keep your eyes glued for that!
It should be ready within the next 2 weeks!

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Don’t forget

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FREE Twitter ReTweet Track List


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