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A Bloggers Life facebook group

Hey Guys!

I have been insanely busy this month Putting together a bunch of Resources for Bloggers,
and want to share them all with you! ūüôā

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Blogging is so much more complex than I had ever imagined. I figured that by doing my research for months on end, that I knew more than the average Newbie bear.

Oh how wrong was I.


Through my research, I learned how joining Facebook Groups are a great way to Foster engagement with other Bloggers, while promoting your Blog content.

I have joined about 10+ Facebook Groups since beginning my blogging journey, and I have to say, I was less than impressed.

Many of the groups were poorly organized, and as such, simply could not produce the results I was hoping for.

The others were already filled with Thousands (if not Tens of Thousands) of members, and were far too saturated with members and content for my posts to not be instantly swallowed hole (with minimal results in the process)

So with my initial Strategy not working, I decided to Re-vamp it.

If I couldn’t find a Facebook Group to meet my needs, I would Make my own!

A Bloggers Life Facebook Group                                                                                    *Click to Join!*


And thats Exactly what I did! ūüôā

I crafted a Facebook Group that is equally balanced between Supporting Bloggers throughout this rollercoaster ride we call Blogging, AND Provides an amazing platform to Promote Your Blog & Social media content!

In the week it has been up and running, I have already made more meaningful relationships, and felt more supported than in the last 3 months combined!

If you’re a blogger- New or Novice- and you are looking for a Supportive & Promotional Group
I would Love to have you!

Yes this is what I have been looking for!


Pinterest Group Boards


This month I also created my own Pinterest Group Boards!
Pinterest is the #1 source of traffic for my blog (and many others), because of Pinterest Group Boards!

They expose your content to a whole new world of viewers, and are an amazing tool for bloggers.

Because my goal is always to make your lives easier, I created 3 Awesome boards for you to post your Blog content on!

Name: Blogger Promo!
Rules: -NO LIMIT GROUP BOARD-  Post ALL pins. Just don’t post more than 5 Pins in a row.
How to Join:  Follow: & Send Request to:

Name: Love & Marriage
Rules: Only post Marriage/Relationship Pins. Do not post more than 5 Pins in a row.
How to Join:  Follow: & Send Request to:

Name: A Bloggers Life
Rules: This group board is Specifically for Members of the A Bloggers Life Facebook Group.
Click Here to Join Group
How to Join: Join A Bloggers Life Facebook Group & Send request Via Facebook message, or email

Name: Printables!
Rules: Only post Printable Pins. Do not post more than 5 Pins in a row.
How to Join:  Follow: & Send Request to:

** Pinterest Group Board information will be updated on This Page
with any new Boards or information**

I am also hard at work on my first EBook for you guys!

The Ultimate Bloggers Guide to Social Media is jam packed with a TON of valuable info for Bloggers at any stage looking to improve their Social Media game!

In the mean time, Check out How to Use Twitter to EXPLODE your Blog Traffic

Stay tuned ¬†ūüôā


A Bloggers Life facebook group

A Bloggers Life Facebook Group

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