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DIY Bird Feeder Craft for Kids!

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DIY Bird Feeder Craft for Kids



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The last few mornings I have been lucky enough to wake up to the beautiful sound of birds chirping. When the birds are back, that means Spring is OFFICIALLY in the air and I couldn’t be more excited to go out and enjoy every second of it!

(I’m Really, Really, REALLY over the never-ending Winter in Canada lol)

So with the tune of the birds in my head, I couldn’t help but try and think of ways I could get my family out of the house and celebrate the nature around us, when the Perfect thought popped into my head..

DIY Bird Feeders!

My little guy Loves crafting and adores nature so I knew this would be an instant hit!

There are many ways you can create your own bird feeder with simple household products you most likely already have laying around. For example..

Toilet Paper Rolls!

( Or cut up Paper Towel Rolls work too 😛 )

As I was getting everything prepped for our craft, I realized that although we were about to make something to benefit the nature around us, we weren’t actually experiencing any of it.

So our Spring craft pushed us outdoors to explore the beautiful forest we have just behind our backyard. With two dogs in tow, J weaved his way throughout the trees hunting for the perfect pine cones we could turn into bird feeders as well!

(Sorry I forgot to take pictures, was too excited! Lol)

With an armful of pine cones, and the spring air in our hair, we were Officially ready to start our craft!

What You’ll Need:

    • Rolls can be placed on tree branches as well


  • Pine Cones
  • Salad Tongs
    • As much as my little guy likes crafting, he isn’t one for getting his hands dirty.Use tongs to hold roll in place instead of hands

This Craft is super easy and just takes seconds!


I recommend laying down a placemat or news paper to help avoid a huge sticky-peanut-butter-mess!




Fill Bin with Bird Seed and Set Aside


My little guy making a DIY Bird feeder






Using a Spatula, Evenly cover Toilet Paper Rolls (or Pine Cones) with Peanut butter




(I know it may be difficult to completely cover the roll, but this step is very important. If there is a spot without peanut butter than the seeds have nothing to stick too and there will be a big, obvious, seed-less hole on your finished feeder)

Dip your peanut-butter-covered roll/cone into the bin filled with bird seed. Rotate to ensure all sides are coated evenly with seeds.

(Can you even see my ‘Camo-Roll’? Aha)


Set finished Roll/Cone aside and Repeat!





Once you have your Bird Feeders all ready to go, It’s time to take the kids for a little hike through the forest and hang them all up!

This is the Perfect opportunity to go for an Outdoor Adventure Hunt!

You can place rolls through branches in trees, and use string to tie the pine cones to various trees during your walk.

Hope this craft gets you and your beautiful family out enjoying this Spring weather!

If you have any questions, or want to share how this craft worked out for you, just leave a comment in the section below.

Until next time!



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