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DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask

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Have you been looking for a way to bring your
Hair back to life
And doesn’t break the bank?

Introducing.. Coconut Oil!

I’m sure many of you already know that the uses for Coconut Oil extend far beyond the kitchen,
But for those who may not..

Coconut Oil is Absolutely AH-MAZING!
I can Honestly say I couldn’t live without it! Not only does it make a phenomenal moisturizer,
It also has the ability to bring dead hair Back to Life!

During my university years, I dyed my hair almost every colour in the book.

Dying my hair became a fun way to de-stress from the mountain of reading, but it came at a cost.

My hair became absolutely Fried!

I watched in horror as my once healthy hair turned to straw, and would break apart from a slight gust of wind. *Insert Horror Movie Scream*

So, I put the dye down and kept cutting it shorter, and shorter to try and help it re-grow, but nothing helped.

When all was said and done, I was down to an (adorable) A-Line Bob,
but every strand of hair on my head still felt like straw.

Thats when my Angel Friend told me about how she uses Coconut Oil on her hair, and by that night, I was doing my first treatment!

The results were beyond amazing!
My hair actually felt like HAIR again!!

I try to do this treatment at least once every two weeks.
But I haven’t done it about 2 months now, so I’m LONG Overdue
So Let’s do it!

Buckle up Ladies!
It’s about to get Silky!

This treatment is exceptionally simple
All you need is:
2-3 TBSP of Coconut Oil, warmed up for a few seconds in the microwave
And.. Thats it!

Start with Dry Hair

Section out your hair.
This will make it easier to ensure you’ve evenly distributed the oil throughout your hair.

Melted Coconut oil should not be hot to the touch
Should be smooth, without lumps
In roughly 1in sections, from root to tip, work the oil into your hair

Even though my hair is not classified as dry by any means,
It Sucked up the oil like a vacuum!

Once every strand is fully saturated, wrap your hair in a hot towel
I just tossed mine in the dryer for a few minutes

Leave the product on for the entire night
I suggest sleeping with a blanket across your pillow to protect it from any leakage

In the morning, hop in the shower and wash the oil out!
Now this is easier said than done.
Normally, you must Shampoo your hair thoroughly twice.

I recently read a review that recommended skipping the Shampoo all-together
and washing your hair with cold water, and an Egg.

I personally tried this method this morning, and it did not work for me.
It left my hair thick with oil and completely unmanageable.
One shampoo session and a dollop of conditioner on my ends, and it was perfect!

The pictures don’t do the treatment justice!
Not only silky smooth, I noticed a huge boost in the Shine

Have you done your first Coconut Oil treatment yet?
Comment Below!

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