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DIY Cleaning Spray

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Hey there!

This morning I ran out of my favourite DIY Cleaning Spray and took it as a wonderful opportunity to educate you all on how I make it! 🙂

There are countless benefits to making your own cleaning and household products instead of purchasing them from a store.

Not only are they infinitely more free from harsh chemicals (which is extremely important in a house filled with animals and kids), it is more affordable for you and more beneficial for the environment (Always a bonus in my books!)

You won’t believe how easy it is to make and with 3 simple ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen!

DIY Cleaning Spray



1. Pour ingredients into spray bottle

2. Shake to mix

3. Spray Away!

See! How simple was that?

Now you have your very own bottle of homemade cleaning spray!

(Most likely at $0 to make! Can it get any better than that??)

I’ll be posting more DIY Cleaning products, tips and tricks so stay posted!

Until next time,


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