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De-Clutter your Closet in Just 3 Easy Steps!

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It’s that time of year Ladies..

Thats Right..Spring Cleaning!

Not ready to tackle the whole house yet?
Thats fine, why not just start with your Closet!

Me: “I have NOTHING to Wear” *Insert Groan*
Husband: “What do you mean you have nothing to wear?? Your closet is FULL!”
Me: ” Okay it’s Full, But I still have Nothing to wear!”
Husband: *Groan*
Me: *Groan*


Sound familiar?
That was the final push I needed to get off of my butt and tackle my closet
Mano v. Mano
Personally, I’m a huge fan of organizational projects, and anything that adds more efficiency to life is definitely a plus in my books!
Purging ones possessions is not an easy task for everyone, so i’ve added as many tips as possible to tackle any anxiety that may pop up during this process 🙂

First and Foremost

Set aside a chunk of time for your closet purge. The time it takes to complete will vary, the important thing is to not feel rushed.

*A Glass of Wine and some Music makes the process more enjoyable 😉

This process involves removing literally everything from your closet, so make sure that you have adequate room to lay out and organize your clothing into piles.


Step 1: Remove!

Take Literally every article out of your closet. From Clothing to Accessories.
Make sure your closet is Completely Empty!

It may seem tempting to skip this step, but trust me, it’s an integral part of the process!
You need a clean space to work with.

As you are emptying your closet, try on all clothes

Step 2: Dividing your Clothes into 5 Piles

There are 5 possible piles for you to place your items in:

  1. Love– Articles that fit you well, make you feel good when you wear them, you have worn in the last 6 months.
  2. Maybe– Articles that you may not ‘Love’ but are not quite willing to part with. Must fit you well. Should make you feel good when you wear it.
  3. Donate– Articles that are still in good condition but may not fit or work with your style anymore.
  4. Seasonal– Items that still fit, make you feel good, are in good condition. Pack away for appropriate season.
  5. Toss– Damaged items with no hope of repair or salvage. *See if there are any DIY projects you can do with these items*
Things to consider while deciding:
  • Does this make me look good?
  • Does this make me Feel good?
  • Would you buy this if you saw it on a store rack tomorrow?
  • Have you worn it in the last 6 months?
  • Will you Honestly wear it again?
  • Is it damaged at all? If so, will you actually repair it?
  • Does it still work with your current style?

Keep any items from the ‘donate’ and ‘maybe’ piles for 1-2 weeks after purging.
This reduces any potential regret abut giving away a piece of clothing prematurely

Remember, the goal is not to throw away everything- just what no longer benefits you.

3. Re-Stock and Assess


Put everything from your ‘Love’ pile back into your closet.
This is the Perfect opportunity to re-organize too!

Keep your ‘Maybe’ pile in the back of your closet for 1-2 weeks.
Organize your clothes with foldable storage boxes to give your space a cleaner look.
This reduces the likelihood of accidentally giving away something prematurely
Having the opportunity to grab something back out of the bag if need be takes a ton of the stress off of the decision making process!

Once you have everything neatly back in your closet, it is time to assess if there is anything you need to purchase to complete your wardrobe.
… Not that i’m using a closet purge as an excuse to shop ;P

And thats It!
A simple, Stress-free Closet purge!


Did you attempt a Closet Purge?
Did this work for you?
Leave a comment below!




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