Back to School Essentials for Kids and Teens

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Make sure you have all your Back to School Essentials for Kids and Teens! Backpacks, Lunch Boxes, Storage and Organization, Misc.



September is just around the corner, and that means the ‘Back to School’ Season is upon us!

For Parents everywhere, this is a time of celebration.
For some, they are celebrating their not-so-little bundle of joy as they reach a new milestone,
and others are happy to have their kids out of their hair for 8 hours a day
(and thats okay too!)

Make sure your kiddos have everything they need to be fully prepared
from the first day of school, onward.

1. Backpacks
2. Lunch Boxes
3. Classroom Supplies
4. Storage & Organization 
5. Misc.
6. Photo props!



Backpacks are a staple in Every students arsenal, and have come a far way from just being a way to lug school work around.

Backpacks provide a way for your child to show off their unique style!
…While also lugging their school work around lol

Make sure your Kiddos personality shines through their school bag this year. They will definitely thank you for making them the coolest kid on the playground!


I made an almost inhuman sound the first time I saw this adorable Frog Backpack!

Fun meets Functional with this Whimsical Kids backpack. Perfect to send your little one off to school in!

Many other animals Available!



This Dino Backpack is not only Charming, but also Waterproof!

Your Kiddo will surely be one of the coolest on the playground with this Spiky Backpack!


The Girls Butterfly Backpack is Perfect for the little Angel who wants to show off her Sweet side!

The Multiple compartments are perfect for storing Classroom supplies, Homework, And lunch bag, all in one Adorable Package!

Many other Animals Available!



Not only is this Unicorn Backpack one of the cutest on the market,
It is also Customizable to include it’s owners name!

Never worry about Backpack-mixup again!




Your Overburdened Highschooler will thank you for getting this Heavy Duty Black Backpack!
This pack comes with compartments to hold everything from a laptop, to lunch, with more than enough room left for binders, pencil case, and other necessities!



I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this Glow in the Dark Backpack! I’m no longer a student, and realistically have no reason to own a backpack, but I still want this! lol

Any Teen is sure to lose their marbles over this one of a kind Glow in the Dark Backpack!

Is your kid a stickler for matching items?
Then this is Perfect for them!

This Gorgeous Teen Girls Backpack Set includes matching Backpack, Lunch bag, and pencil case!

Available in a Wide Variety of Colours 



Lunch Time

School days are long for children, and the strain of constant learning can take a toll on kids if they are not properly Hydrated and fed.
Make sure your children are properly nourished throughout the day by packing them healthy, well balanced lunches and snacks.

I Love this Insulated Kids Bento Box!
Keep your kiddos Lunch and Snacks secure and organized with this perfect Kids lunch box!

A definite necessity for children who won’t eat their food if it touches

Also Available in Pink!


Store your lunch in this adorable Firetruck Insulated Lunch Bag

This one-of-a-kind Lunch bag will surely be the talk of the playground!



Tired of lunch bags that are 3/4 the size of your kids backpack?
This Small Insulated Lunch Bag for Kids will fit perfectly inside your child’s backpack (with room to spare)


Pack your teen’s lunch in this Adult Insulated Bento Box!
A packed lunch is not only a healthier option than what is offered in Cafeterias, but will also save you a lot of money as well.




Teen Girls Lunch Bag 

Say Hello! to the Perfect Lunch bag for the Fashion-Conscious Teenage Girl.
She will love this combo of Healthy and Fashionable!



This Oxford Square Insulated Lunch Bag is available in multiple colours and patterns.
Check them out now!



Reusable Sandwich Bag

This Silicone Reusable Sandwich Bag is a wonderful Eco-Friendly alternative to the 100’s of plastic bags we throw away each year!





Classroom Supplies

Of course no Back-to-School list would be complete without Classroom Supplies!
These Bundles are sure to meet the needs of a Student at any age!

The Elementary School Supplies Kit is equip with:

– 3 portfolios, 50 sheets of art paper, a 70 ct spiral notebook, 200 sheets of filler paper, compostition book, 2 black and 2 red pens.
-As well as 24 Crayola crayons, 12 Crayola coloured pencils, Crayola washable markers and More!


The Pen & Paper Bundle Box is Perfect for the budding writer!
This bundle contains:

-24 #2 Pencils; 24 Black Ink Bic Pens; 12 Red Ink Bic Pens; 4 Packages of 150 ct Filler Paper; 4 Composition Notebooks; 5- 70 ct Spiral Notebooks; 2 packages of 100 ct Index Cards; and 10- 2 pocket folders.


Writing Essentials Pack is a 32-piece kit including:

White board markers, Highlighters, Coloured pens, Mechanical pencils and More!



Storage & Organization


Your kid will be the envy of all their classmates with this Multi-Pocket Shark Pencil Case!

With multiple storage compartments, this pencil case has more than enough room to hold all your child’s school essentials.





You can’t help but chuckle at this adorable   Monster Pencil Case.

Available in Multiple colours and faces!



Keep your Child’s desk, or Homework station organized with this Multi-Compartment School Supply Desk Organizer

This Organizer has a space for everything from pens and pencils, to post-it notes and any other essentials!



Make sure your Kid stays up to date on their weekly assignments with this Dry Erase Weekly Homework Assignment Organizer

No more missed assignments or projects!



Use this completely Customizable
Dry Erase Track Board for whatever you need!

The multiple columns are perfect for a weekly calendar, chore chart, Extracurricular activities track list etc.

This Magnetic chart attaches directly to your Fridge for easy access!




This 2017 Colourable Desk Calendar is the perfect accessory to keep Organized and Entertained!

Each page offers Beautiful designs to colour in- a good way to distract from the Stresses of life






 Hand Sanitizer is a definite necessity when sending your kiddos back to school!

Keep them protected from the whole new world of germs they are being put in.

It is never too early to teach Proper Hygiene!


Many schools are now incorporating Ipads into the curriculum. Make sure their gadget is protected with this Kids iPad Case

The easy grip handles, along with the shockproof case make this a great buy!
Available in Multiple Colours



Durable Kids iPad Case with easy grip anti-slip silicone coated handle that converts into a stand.

Available in Multiple colours




Teen iPad Case is equip with an Easily convertible kickstand for optimal functionality.

Also available in Black and Aqua and Baby Pink
Sized for iPad 9.7


Don’t Forget to
Record the Precious Moments


This Rustic Chalkboard Sign is the perfect accessory to record this special day on!

Record the Date, Age of Child, etc. and have them pose with it on the first day of school for a beautiful lifelong keepsake
(Take a similar picture on the last day of school to see how much they’ve grown in one year!)



Set of Multiple Chalkboard Signs is ideal for photoshoots with multiple children.

These delicate cut-out Chalkboard Signs are the perfect prop for any photo!


Worried about your Chalk Lettering skills?
They’ve got a book for that!

The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering has you covered, to make sure Every sign you make turns out Beautifully!



School is almost in session. Do you have everything you need for your Children on their first day of school? Backpacks, Lunch bags, Classroom Supplies,Storage and Organization etc.


With September right around the corner, do your Kids have everything they need for the First Day of School?

What was your favourite Item on this list?
Share Below!

Not ready to let go of the Summer Spirit?
Thats okay too!

Print off this Free Outdoor Adventure Hunt for Kids Printable,
and take the kids out to explore and Appreciate the Beautiful Nature around them!

Outdoor adventure hunt for kids

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4 thoughts on “Back to School Essentials for Kids and Teens

    1. My little guy is at the age where he’s a TOTAL Dino lover. I’m definitely grabbing that for him for the next school year 🙂

  1. When I was a kid, I thought Back to School was the best time of year! (pssst…I still do) I loved getting my new clothes, lunchbox and school supplies!! I LOVE that glow in the dark backpack!

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