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When Date Night is Blindsided by an Unexpected Flood

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When Date Night is Blindsided by an Unexpected Flood

When your date night is blindsided by an unexpected flood

Hey Guys!

Boy, have I got a story for you!

For any new readers who may not know,
I am a HUGE advocate for date nights in relationships!
Date nights allow you and your spouse escape the hum-drum of day-to-day life while helping you reconnect as a intimate team. Click To Tweet

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For our Date night last night, My Hubby wanted to surprise me! (how great is he right?)

We have a beautifully magnificent River that runs through the heart of our City. I fell in love with it before we had even moved in, and we often take romantic strolls along it during the good weather.

He said he was going to take me to a romantic spot down by the river that one of our other married friends had told him about.

As we were driving through our Downtown area, it was like a mad house!
People were sprawled out Everywhere, and as we crossed the main bridge over the river, the crowd was so thick it was like a solid wall on each side of the road.

The Hubbs and I speculated what event must be going on to cause such a scene as we pulled off the main road to park down by his “Special spot”.

As soon as we stepped out of our vehicle, just looking at the water it was clear that something was not right.


The water level was higher than we had ever seen it!

The leaves and branches of the trees across the river are completely submerged into the water

and thats actually a dock floating out there!
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing



Because I had never been to this exact spot in the river before, my Hubby began pointing out how much was different from his last visit a week earlier

He explained that these two rocks are actually sitting atop a hill that has since become completely submerged 

You can’t even see an inch of the trunk of the tree behind it!



As I was telling Tommy that I thought the dock (in the picture) had broken free due to the extra water

He explained that it hadn’t moved, but there used to be another dock connecting it to the mainland!
(Where the ducks are sitting in the first picture)

Thats actually where he was going to take me to surprise me!


Since our Plan A was now under 3 feet of water,
We decided to salvage the Date and perfect weather
and go for 
a nice hike along a nearby trail 🙂

I am so in love with my city
There are almost as many hiking trails
as there are people! lol








How freaking adorable is this Flower Painted fire hydrant I stumbled upon?? 🙂



About 15 minutes into the hike,
Our trail was engulfed by the flood too!

After laughing until our sides ached, there was nothing left to do but turn around and start making our way back to our car

Tommy joked that next time we plan to go for a hike we should bring out bathing suits just in case!

God I love Him 🙂 aha


Once back at the car, I asked the all-knowing Google about our Unexpected Third-Wheeling Flood.

It turns out that there was more than 100mm of rainfall in too short of a time span. and Voila! Flooding.

We don’t have Cable in our Household as we view it as an extremely unnecessary expense. Apparently the flood warning had been all over the news, and we just hadn’t heard about it! 

Please don’t judge me! lol


Despite both our Plan A and Plan B submerged under our pesky third wheeling flood, we weren’t going to let that ruin our date night!

Perseverance is key right? haha

We headed out where the flood couldn’t touch us!
For a nice, romantic Country Drive ♥




We even made the company of some Beautiful cows 🙂





It was by far one of the most surprising, and memorable dates I have ever been on

And I believe it is truly symbolic of our marriage. We have had more than our fair share of hurdles within our first year of marriage, but you just have to get back up, and keep going.

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When your date night is blindsided by an unexpected flood

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