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40+ Ways to be an Amazing Wife

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40+ Ways to be an amazing wife



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Hello Ladies!

Last week my husband was unexpectedly laid off work. Emphasis on the unexpectedly.

He texted me to inform me, and the first thing that popped into my mind was a terrible visual of all our bills piling up, along with anxiety of being thrust into a situation I hadn’t planned for.
(Which is a tough issue when you’re the type of person with back up plans for your back up plans)

As he walked through our front door, he had heartbreak written all over him.
He is the classic type of man that holds himself personally responsible for our family.
We are a team, but he takes faults to heart. And it broke mine to see him so upset about something he had no control over.

As you grow, you begin to realize that these set backs are just an unfortunate part of life.
And it is how you handle them that defines you.

As he hopped in the shower to clean his last work day off himself, I brainstormed ways I could help turn his mood around.

When he came back downstairs, he walked into our living room that I completely decorated with our sparkly tiny Christmas lights (They can be used for more than just Christmas Ya’know :P). 
I also put out about 30+ candles ranging from tea lights to beautiful 3-wicked candles to set a relaxing ambience.

Even just cuddling up on our couch and watching a little Netflix was more than enough to turn his mood around.
(It was then a bonus when there was a knock on our door from our favourite BBQ restaurant in town)

He has already started a Better job at another company, and is much happier than he was at his last job 🙂

When times get tough, just remember it is only temporary.
Just keep your head up, and remember a smile or a small gesture goes a long way!

Hopefully you can find some inspiration from the list below to be the best wife you can be!

** Don’t forget that Father’s Day is around the corner! 
    Check out The Ultimate Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2017 for the perfect     gift for your Hubby!**

40+ Ways to be an Amazing Wife 


  1. Compliment Him
    You are his Best Friend, and there is likely no one else whose opinion matters to him like yours does. Give him a compliment and watch his face light up!
  2. Ask him if there is anything you can do to improve his day
    Anything from Big to small. Even if he says there is nothing, He will appreciate your offer
    (And maybe even offer you the same!)
  3. Tell him that you appreciate him and why
  4. Surprise him with a small gift
    Even if it’s just his favourite candy from the grocery store, He will know you were thinking of him
  5. Make a playlist for him to listen to while driving
    Fill it with all the songs that are meaningful to your relationship
  6. Always speak highly of him to others
    Even when he is not with you. 
  7. Cook his favourite dinner
  8. Bake his favourite dessert
  9. Work out together
    A good hobby to share together. Working out together helps build a stronger relationship
  10. Do one (or more) of his chores for him
    If you don’t tell him, it will be a nice surprise!
  11. Send him a sexy text (or picture) while he’s at work
    He won’t be able to wait to come home!
  12. Give him a hot oil massage
  13. Plan a special date night
  14. Surprise him with breakfast in bed
  15. Initiate Sex
    This one is a given ;P
  16. Tell him you’re glad you married him and Why
  17. Hold his hand
    Whether walking down the road, going for a drive, or just sitting on the couch, Holding hands provides word-less intimacy that serves to strengthen your relationship
  18. Make him a gift!
  19. Write him a love letter
  20. Instead of a peck, greet him with a long, slow, passionate kiss
  21. Tell him he looks handsome everyday
    Guys are prone to self-esteem issues too. Make sure your man KNOWS how much you still find him attractive. And he will appreciate the ego boost lol
  22. Fill his car with gas if possible
    Don’t tell him, It will be a fun surprise!
  23. Plan a Romantic Scavenger Hunt
  24. When together, give him your attention. Not social media.
  25. Initiate a make-out sesh!
    Never underestimate the power of making out
    It’s not just for teens!
  26. Plan a surprise boys night for him!
    It doesn’t have to be fancy. Call up the boys, grab some drinks and snacks, throw in a gaming station and they’re set! lol
    Or send them off to a sports bar to watch the game. He will love the surprise. And its good to nurture his relationship with his friends.
  27. Let him sleep in!
  28. Hug him from behind
  29. Run your fingers through his hair
    Boys love it just as much as we do!
  30. Leave him scattered love notes
    On the bathroom mirror, in his car, In his lunch bag etc.
  31. Surprise him with a car wash!
    Whether it’s a drive thru, or you wash it yourself (bikini optional), he will appreciate the gesture
  32. Give without expecting anything in return
  33. Take pictures together!
    He likely won’t think of it, but you will both appreciate having them to look back on
  34. Flirt with Him!
    Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you stopped dating
  35. Surprise him with his Favourite coffee in bed!
    My husband is completely in love with McDonalds coffee! Waking him up with a McDonalds coffee for him in my hand is ‘heaven’ for him lol
  36. Plan a date night based on his favourites
    Take all of his favourites and plan a date night custom made for just your husband
    Show him how well you know him and he will feel like the luckiest man in the world!
  37. Have a “No-Nag” Day
    It is so easy to fall into the rut of nag-nag-nag without even meaning to. You don’t have to tell him about this. Make the conscious decision to have a nag-free day.Whether he realizes or not, it allows you to reevaluate the ways in which you speak to your husband.
  38. Give him full eye contact when he speaks
    This should be a general life rule. Don’t scroll through facebook as he is trying to communicate with you. This works both ways.
  39. Surprise him with lunch at work
    Pack a picnic, or pick up his favourite quick food. The Mid-day surprise date will mean the world to him
  40. Get Pizza/Food delivered to his work
    This may not work for everyone, but sending a few pizzas to my husbands work for all the guys not only provided a huge boost in morale, but I was definitely the favourite wife! aha
  41. Get Physical!
    I do not mean sex. Never underestimate how the simple power of touch can bring you closer together as a couple. Touch his arm, Hold his face while you kiss him. Be Intimate!
  42. Make him “King for a Day”
    Make it HIS day. Whatever he wants to do, do.
    He will definitely feel special and appreciated
  43. Plan a “No-Spend” Weekend!
  44. Remember he is Not Perfect
    This I personally have a hard time with. It is so easy to view our Husbands as perfect and flawless. This makes it more difficult if they do something wrong. Remember your husband may not be perfect, because no one is perfect. Just be perfect together.


If there is anything you feel should be added to this list, Please comment below!
Have you tried any of these with your Husband?
How do you keep your relationship strong?
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