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Water is the Most important thing you should be putting in your body throughout the day.

But with work, kids, and an overall Hectic lifestyle its far too easy to over look our own needs
I.e Hydrating our bodies

Did you know:

“Many people, particularly older adults, don’t feel thirsty until they’re already dehydrated.”-Mayo Clinic

Dehydration can affect you via Dizziness, Confusion and Fatigue

The 30 Day Water Challenge is the perfect way to introduce more water into your daily life!

It only takes 21 days to build a habit.
By the end of the 30 Day Water Challenge, Drinking your daily requirements for water will be a breeze!

Tackling this challenge with a friend is a great way to not only keep you motivated, but have someone to hold you accountable as well! (It helps lol)

If you’re not a big “water drinker” here are some tips that should help! 🙂

Ways to Increase water Intake


  • Have a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning *BEFORE morning coffee*
    Add a slice of lemon for added benefits
    You’ll be surprised at how much more alert you feel
  • Set an alarm on your phone with “Drink!” reminders
  • An Intense Make-Out session will definitely leaving you needing a glass of water!
  • Drink a glass of water before eating a meal
  • Get Active!
    Why not build up your thirst with a Closet Purge?
  • Keep a water bottle with you Everywhere you go- Having it on hand serves as a little reminder to drink more regularly!
    Grab Pretty Glass bottles for your work desk
    Amazon has beautiful glass bottles at a good price!

If plain water isn’t your thing, try adding fruit like Lemons or cucumbers to a water bottle infuser for more flavour!

Like This One!

The #1 way to effectively drink more water is to participate in this 30 Day Water Challenge!
Use my Free Printable to help you keep track of your water intake!
If you have any questions or even just need some support,
Leave a message down below!
Until next time,


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