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25+ Things to do on a “No-Spend” Weekend

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The no spend weekend challenge




De-Clutter your closet in 3 easy steps

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The “No-Spend” Weekend is a concept that has popped up recently that I am absolutely in Love with!
It’s exactly as it sounds, Go the whole weekend without spending anything.
I’m for all things frugal, and this Challenge is a great way to still have fun and be productive without breaking the bank.
It is estimated that the average person spends $200+ on entertainment every weekend.
Yes, $200+!
Between Shopping, Kid’s activities, Dining out, Movie tickets, etc. Weekend expenses definitely add up
So by taking this Monthly Challenge, you’ll likely save upwards of $500!

It is easier to have a “No-Spend” Weekend than you’d think.
We all get caught up in a ‘Spending-Cycle’ and forget that most joy in life comes from those things that are free.
I’m sure you’re now hooked on the idea of trying out a “No-Spend” Weekend for yourself, but are left wondering how to fill your time with.
No fear!
Check out the List of 25+ Things to do on a “No-Spend” Weekend Below!

  1.  Read a book
    Who doesn’t have a book lying around that they just ‘haven’t had the time to get to’
  2. Go for a Hike
    Who says you need to Pay to go to the Gym to get your work out in?
  3. Go for a Picnic
    Pack up what you have in your fridge and go enjoy the outdoors!
  4. De-Clutter
    Whether it’s a closet, car or whole room, De-Cluttering is a great way to keep organized and calm your mind.
    **Bonus points to make a ‘Donate’ Pile of clothes
    If you are new to De-Cluttering, Check out my How to De-Clutter your Closet in 3 Easy Steps!
  5. Attend a Free Local Event
    Many cities offer free local events such as an Outdoor movie night, or a variety of festivals in parks. Check out your local cities website for details
  6. Clean Yard
    Set aside the time to put in some work on your home. Pulls some weeds, Mow the lawn, Clean your BBQ etc.
  7. Go for a Bike Ride/ Rollerblading
  8. Explore your Local Library
    Grab yourself a free Library Card and have access to thousands of books, movies, and magazines. Many libraries offer free Children’s activities and workshops as well.
  9. At-Home Spa
    Treat your partner to a relaxing massage, Give yourself a new Mani & Pedi, Restore your hair with this Coconut oil Hair Mask etc.
  10. Play Board or Card Games
    Try to learn a new card game! There are so many to learn, just ask Google!
  11. Update your Monthly Budget
  12. Re-Arrange a Room
    You’ll be amazed at how different your room will feel just by moving around some furniture!
  13. Look for Free Stuff Online
    Kijiji has a “free stuff” section, where people in your area are giving away their items. Check it out for some great lightly-used FREE decor and furniture!
  14. Host a Dinner Party/Potluck
    Hosting a potluck is the perfect way to supply a hearty meal, and have a wonderful dinner party without breaking the bank
  15. Go to the Beach!
    Pack up some towels and food, and spend the day at the beach!
  16. Write out/Work on Honey-Do List
    Write out all the things around the house that need to be done. If you already have, Perfect! Try and knock a few things off your list this weekend!
  17. Re-Purpose Something around the House
    Don’t just throw out your old shirts, take them and turn them into a beautiful new bath mat, or turn them into cleaning cloths. Pinterest is filled with 1000’s of re-purposing ideas, you’ll definitely find something you’ll love!
  18. Clean Computer
    No, I don’t mean wipe down the outside of your computer. Take the time to clean and organize all your computer files. Your computer will thank you for it!
  19. Play a Video game
    Video games aren’t just for teenaged boys. Theres a game out there for everyone, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can enjoy them!
  20. Volunteer
  21. DIY Something
    Using the materials you have around yourself, try and DIY something!
  22. Organize Photo Albums
  23. Yoga!
    If you have never done it before, this is the perfect time to learn! Youtube is filled with Beginner Yoga videos to try!
  24. Write out Grocery List
    Spending time writing out a grocery list and sticking to it will help with your budget, and avoid over-spending. Take this time to try and find coupons to go with your list as well!
  25.  Make your own All Natural Cleaning Spray
  26. Clean your house
    Take the time to clean all the nooks and crannies that often get over-looked in your weekly cleaning plan
  27. Meal prep for the week ahead


Have you ever attempted a
“No-Spend” Weekend?
Have any tips that should be added to the list?
Leave them in the comments below!

De-Clutter your closet in 3 easy steps

DIY Cleaning Spray

Coconut Oil Hair Mask






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3 thoughts on “25+ Things to do on a “No-Spend” Weekend

    1. Same!
      My husband was joking with me a few days ago that he NEVER has to worry about me becoming a hoarder lol

  1. This is so true. I know I am always thinking that I have to spend money to have fun or do something. Thanks for this reminder and giving me some great examples, a lot I haven’t even thought about! Here’s to a fun filled, FREE weekend 😉

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