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25+ Free and Frugal Spring Date Ideas

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25+ Free & Frugal Spring Date Ideas

25+ Free and Frugal Spring Date Ideas



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If you’ve followed any of my past posts, You know that I make Date Night an important aspect of my marriage.
Date Night provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your Spouse away from the stresses of everyday life.
There is no denying that even just going out to Dinner and a Movie can be pricey and adds up over time. But thats no excuse to stop going on Dates!
Check out the list Below of 25+ Free and Frugal Spring Date Ideas
and if you’re looking for some Bonus Info, Pop over and browse the
35 Date Night Conversation Starters!


25+ Free and Frugal Spring Date Ideas


  1.  Go for a Romantic Stroll
    This is a great way to explore you’re neighbourhood and get a little exercise!
    You can also play the Coin Toss Game- Every time you walk to a corner, flip a coin. Heads you turn left, Tails you turn right!
  2. DIY Something Together!
  3. Go Geocaching
    Just Download the Geocache App and go hunting with your Spouse!
    My Hubby and I do this one all the time and have a Blast
  4. Have a Theme Night!
    Incorporate the theme into the food, decor, movie, costume etc.
  5. Go for a Picnic
    Take advantage of the beautiful weather and head out for a picnic!
    Pack up some food, a blanket and maybe a bottle of wine, find a nice hill and relax
    Bonus Romance points if it is at Sunset 😛
  6. Go to the Beach
    A particularly warm day in Spring is the Perfect time to head to the beach
    It won’t be overcrowded, and you and your Spouse can soak up the sun in each-others company
  7. Go for a Hike
  8. Have an Indoor Movie Night
    Pop some Popcorn, throw on Netflix and toss down a few Pillows and Blankets to snuggle up during your Indoor Movie Night
  9. Play Videogames Together
    This is always a nice treat for my Husband…
    Until I start whooping his Butt! 😛
  10. Have a Throwback Date
    Bust out some Old School games or Build a blanket fort and go back to a simpler time when you were just kids
  11. Go to a Coffee Shop + Talk
    Dates don’t have to be extravagant, as long as you truly connect as a couple
    Blanking on Discussion Topics? Check out 35 Date Night Conversation Starters
  12. Host a Game night with Other Couples
    Ever heard of Cards Against Humanity?
  13. Have your Own ‘Chopped’ Competition
    Take whatever you have in your Fridge and Pantry and see who can make the better dish!
  14. Do a Puzzle Together
  15. Stargaze!
    Sit in the backyard and enjoy the beauty of the stars together
  16. Go Rollerblading Together!
    Or Biking. It’s okay if one, or both of you don’t know how.
    Take this opportunity to learn together!
  17. Hit some Balls at the Golf Range
    There are plenty of small Golf Ranges around us that offer very low prices for a bucket of balls
    See who can hit the ball further!
  18. At Home Painting!
    Most Dollar Stores carry a few different canvas sizes for under $5
    Grab Two and some paint (and maybe some wine) and have a Painting Night!
    Get those Creative Juices flowing 😉
  19. Play Darts/ Pool
    We bought a nice Dart Board years ago so it costs us $0 to play whenever we want
    But most Pool halls offer low rates to play and often have a few dart boards throughout the establishment as well
  20. See what your Town is Offering
    Check out your Towns Website. Most Towns offer many free events, from watching a movie in the city park to free festivals to enjoy.
    Who knows all the fun you could be having just around the corner?
  21. Get some Ice Cream + People Watch
    Grab a scoop or two and sit on a bench in the Downtown area of your City
    You’ll be amazed by the things you see when you actually stop to watch
  22. Go to Trivia Night
    Most bars offer weekly Trivia Nights that are an absolute blast!
    They often don’t charge a cover fee to get in, making it a fun, affordable date night idea!
  23. Feed the Ducks
    *IMPORTANT NOTE* It has recently been discovered that feeding Ducks bread is actually quite harmful for them! So if you choose to feed the ducks, use Bird seed, Corn, Lettuce (torn up), or Oats.
  24. Check out a Local Museum or Art Gallery
    Most cities offer free access to many Museums and Art Galleries
  25. At Home Spa Night
    Pamper your Spouse with a hot oil massage and/or foot rub
    Place out candles to set a relaxing atmosphere
    This will definitely set the mood for romance 
  26. Candle Lit Dinner
    Never underestimate the impact of a Timeless Candlelit dinner
  27. Volunteer Together
    Do you have any Free or Frugal Date Night Ideas
    that should be added to the list?
    Comment below!

    Like this list?
    Share it with your friends! 🙂



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7 thoughts on “25+ Free and Frugal Spring Date Ideas

  1. I love your ideas! We’ve been married for 40 years and Date Night is a big part of what we love to do together. We love to travel, too, so that makes for some fun adventures.

  2. I love these! Over the years we have limited our dating because of the high expense, but these ideas are really great because they don’t cost too much:) It helps that we now have kids old enough to babysit so we don’t have to hire a babysitter anymore. Thanks for putting this list together.

  3. These are such great ideas. My husband and I do lots of these on a regular basis. A marriage is a constant work in progress and you have to nurture it to make it work and grow. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love Geocaching. It is so much fun and it really takes you away from the world and lets you be together. I do this all the time. It’s a great way to get outside too, fun for the whole family not just a date night.

    1. You’re right! It’s an amazing Family activity too!
      My Hubby and I have bumped into other Geocachers along the way, and it’s a great social tool as well!

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