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15 Things Every Girl Boss Has in Her Purse

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40+ Ways to be an amazing wife

Can you even remember the last time you
left the house without your purse?

Like most women, I’ve been carrying around a purse since I was 14 years old
Over the last 10+ years, it’s contents have evolved from
empty candy wrappers to a purse any Girl Boss would be proud of!

A woman’s purse is much more than just a fashion piece!
Make sure you have these 15 items before leaving the house,
and be ready for anything life throws your way!

1. Daily Planner 


It’s Simple. You can’t be a Girl Boss if you’re disorganized.
If you haven’t already, Invest in a good Daily Planner to house
your To-Do lists, thoughts throughout the day etc.

2. Reusable Water Bottle

If you’re going to take on the world, You Need to stay Hydrated!
Having a Reusable Water Bottle on you at all times is an easy way
to increase your water intake.
If you’re looking for other ways to up your daily water, check out the
30 Day Water Challenge!

3. Travel Sized Hand Sanitizer

The world is an incredibly dirty place.
From Germs on door handles, to people suffering through colds,
it is so important to stay sanitized and healthy!
Keep a cute Travel Sized Hand Sanitizer in your purse to keep the germs away!
I mean it! You Can’t take on the world with a cold Girl!

4. Compact Mirror

You will appreciate having a Compact Mirror in your purse
the next time you’re out and worried there is something in your teeth,
or to check if your make-up is still perfect before walking into that meeting!

5. Gum or Mints


There is nothing more unappealing than Coffee Breath

But let’s be real, Who can Live without Coffee?
So Always be prepared with Gum or Mints on hand!


6. Portable Phone Charger

I will not leave the house without my Portable Phone Charger!
If you’re a Girl Boss, there’s a good chance you use your phone A Lot
and even the best phone batteries don’t last forever.
With your Portable Charger, You’ll Never suffer through a dead phone battery again!

7. Snacks



Remember, Your phone isn’t the only thing that needs a re-charge
Snacking throughout the day is the best way to keep energy levels up
So pack a few snacks to munch on throughout the day and
you’ll have all the energy you need to go out and Kick Butt!

8. Business Cards

business card

Keep your Business Cards on hand in case any Marketing opportunities pop up!
If you run into a contact, it is much more professional to hand them your business card, as opposed to writing your number down for them on the back of a receipt.

9. Cash!



Having a little cash on you when leaving the house is Very Important
Yes, It may be 2017 where 99.9% operates with Debit and Credit Cards. But when machines are “Down” and it’s “Cash Only”, You’ll appreciate having that $10 Bill on you!

10. Wallet

Although it may seem obvious, I am adding your Wallet to the list.
For quick errands, I am prone to just grabbing my bank card and running out the door.
Make sure you Always have your wallet!
Not only does it have your Cash and ID,
But also your lovely Business Cards!

11. Small Make-Up Bag

Having a Small Make-Up Bag in your purse allows you to keep all your small necessities in one place!
Such as..



12. Bobby Pins & Extra Hair Ties

No one will believe your a Girl Boss with her life together, if you can’t even keep your hairstyle together.
Keep a few Bobby Pins in your purse to touch up your ‘Do on the go!


13. Travel Hair Brush

Having a Travel Hair Brush in your Make-Up Bag will make sure your Hairstyle will never be ruined by the wind again!
Look Good. Feel Good.


14. Lip Balm

Is there anything worse than Chapped Lips?
Well.. Yes. But Chapped Lips drive me MAD!

Never suffer through discomfort again by keeping Lip Balm in your purse wherever you go!


15. Tylenol

Make sure you’re Always on your game!
Leave a few Tylenol in your purse to squash any budding headaches that may come on while you’re out and about.

Is there any other products
you keep in your purse that help
you rock being a Girl Boss?

Leave them in the comments below!

40+ Ways to be an amazing wife


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6 thoughts on “15 Things Every Girl Boss Has in Her Purse

  1. so true, I have so many of these its not even funny. lip balm, business card, simple gum, snacks portable phone charger IS a must.

  2. The only time I’m without my purse is when I’m in the gym or when I’m out biking. Otherwise, I lug around a bag full of stuff LOL! Mine would have a book in there too. And a pair of sunnies.

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